More Music, More Music, More Music

I'm just watching through the other music DVD I bought along with The Who film. This one is Dream Theater's Score. We went to see Dream Theater back in November in Wolverhampton and they were incredible - I actually think their performance was better than the Rush gig I'd seen a few days earlier, something I really wasn't expecting.

I've been a fan of DT for more than a decade now, but timings always went wrong with previous tours. They played here whilst we were on holiday in Italy, to arrive in Italy near where we had been staying a couple of days after we returned to England. They played concerts on our wedding anniversary - after we had booked a nice little romantic weekend away, and on one occasion they played here the day after I was booked in for ear surgery.

I was kind of getting the feeling I would never see them. Well we finally did, and I will move mountains to get to see them again.

In the meantime though I have the , a couple of other DVDs and now this one - Score. It's superb. These guys can really play, I mean REALLY! They are masters of their instruments. I can understand that the music might not be to everyone's taste. One of my colleagues at work cannot stand anything that "widdles", and by "widdling" she means anything that goes more than a few bars between verses or choruses. Mind you her tastes run to Nick Cave, My Bloody Valentine and punk (which I am not going to criticise) so maybe she was never going to be a fan of a progressive metal band comprising a bunch of serious musos. I am though.

They just cannot tour England again soon enough. So I am just going to restart the DVD now.


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