The France Show

We are all complete Francophiles. Anything to do with France and we are interested. So when we heard that the France show was on in London this weekend we simply had to be there.

Well then the question became was it any good? And the answer is it was okay - nothing more than that unfortunately. The reason for this was its focus. Fully half of the show was property sales and the associated industries - solicitors, mortgages, removals etc etc.

This is all well and good if you want to move to France in the near future. We do, but not now. Unfortunately we both have to work so we can afford to pay the mortgage. If we moved to France now we would need to find work and I simply am not fluent enough to be able to work in a French office, and my hearing difficulties do hamper my attempts to improve. So this half just served to remind us that our dream of exchanging England for France are still a long way away.

The other half though did offer us a little of what we went there for. We encountered a few stalls promoting the tourist side of France (and picked up various leaflets and brochures), wine and FOOD. French food is just so far ahead of the majority of the English fodder. We eat to live, simply as that. The French consider food an art form, they have artisan butchers and bakers and this skill shines in all they produce.

I just wish there had been more than the handful of foodie stalls there. We came away with so little. What was there was wonderful, I just wanted more - much, much more!


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