Highlander 5 and Torchwood season 2

Decided to watch a film and some telly to get my mind off things.

First mistake was choosing Highlander 5: The Source. I am a fan of Highlander as a concept - I think it is brilliant. I've watched the first film over and over, and even like the wandering accents and occasional visible support wire. Sean Connery as an Egyptian is crazy but I love it. I enjoyed the second film despite it being pretty poor - liking the pirate copy of a different edit even more. I watched the third (more than once too), the whole of the TV series, the fourth film (TV series spin-off number 1) and have even read some of the books that came out to link in to the TV series.

So, despite the fact I had heard that the fifth film (second spinoff from the TV show) was awful, I wanted to watch it. I wish I hadn't. It's not very good - and by this I mean pretty bad really. To give you an idea I didn't manage to finish the film, I gave up after about 40 minutes, the last 30 of which were mainly spent throwing insults at the screen.

It took Highlander which, in the main is fairly upbeat and optimistic, and turned it into a dark future, one in which MacLeod has become a drunk and the Watcher's Coucil has disbanded. I wanted more of the same I am afraid, not a skewed version of it. Never mind.

TV, however, came to my rescue. Torchwood season 2 has started and it's just as fractuous as ever. This is not a team that will ever bond well, or for that matter even appear totally competent at what they do. And James Marsters turned up as another Time Agent - one even more twisted that Jack was when he first arrived on Doctor Who. And as you see in their first meeting, just as bisexual. In fact snogging is common in this show.

As for the plot, well it's the typical Torchwood fair with the typical surreal throwaway one-liners that I enjoyed so much in the first series.

It's also good to see that Jack's absence from the team is not just blown over. There are recriminations aplenty. Great stuff!!!


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