PS Publishing

There are a number of small press publishers of science fiction, fantasy and horror in the UK. Many of them are very good - I'm thinking of Elastic Press and Pendragon Press as I write this.

But there is one for me that stands out far above all others when it comes to quality of releases and writing -PS Publishing. It's run by Pete Crowther up in Yorkshire (himself a very good genre author) and has published books by some of the greats of sf/f/h. On my shelves I have the vast majority of their books - I am only missing two - and the authors include Stephen Baxter, Eric Brown, Ramsey Campbell, Zoran Zivkovic, Lucius Shepard, Steven Erikson, Stephen King, Robert Charles Wilson and Brian Stableford.

And more recently reprinting classic authors - Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury and Michael Coney. It is the last of these that is my current reading fodder - a reprint of his Hello Summer, Goodbye. I've read some of this author's work before but had never opened this particular book.

I should have read this earlier - it's a wonderfully vivid novel. It's a very English book, the colony world where the action happens is only a slight exaggeration of the southern coast of England, and the characters all have a feeling of the World War 2 British class-dominated, stiff-upper-lip folk you see in early newsreels.

Splendid. Buy it - support the small press.


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