New Walls and Giant Otters

Two totally unrelated concepts that sum up my evening.

The first relates to the work we've been having done to the house. Just before Christmas we (and by using we I am not actually including myself - I have no aptitude for anything practical) started to remodel the en-suite bathroom. Problem was that the previous owners of our house had lived with a leak in the shower for a while and when the tiles were removed it was obvious that the wall needed to come out and be replaced.

So two days ago Jim arrived - and after a lot of work he's taken down the rotten wall and we know have a replacement.

That done and dinner eaten we sat down in the lounge and we switched on the TV. Good timing, there was a nature program on called Natural World: Raising Sancho. I rarely watch nature programs, they just do not tend to appeal. But this one was quite wonderful. The Sancho of the title was a Giant River Otter in South America, orphaned as a newborn and raised by a scientist. Watching him grow was absolute fascinating - and I have to admit he was really really cute...


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