Last month I caught the fotolog bug. I'd avoided it for so long but I finally took the plunge and now I add a new photo to the site - all from Italy. It's addictive. I don't use it in the way a couple of friends do, uploading their recent images - what they did at the weekend, that sort of thing. You will certainly not find images of me on my fotolog EVER.

But I like it for one particular reason. It means I spend a few minutes each day trying to decide which image to upload and reminding myself of the various trips to Italy.

Today's choice was the Arch of Septimus Severus in Rome's ancient forum - as taken on a very hot September day in 2005. We enjoyed a week in Rome walking around its streets seeing all the typical sites and being a complete tourist. The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Forum, Spanish Steps - I could go on for ever...

...and I remember the blisters.

Who knows what tomorrow will see posted, and what memories it will evoke.

Anyway should you feel like taking a look it's at


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