Rain, rain and more rain - househunting time

The perfect time to go househunting in England is in the rain and after a long period of continuous wet weather. England is prone to flooding and each year it is only going to get worse. Today we drove all around the Dove Valley (the Dove is a river for those who do not know the Midlands of England) and large areas were underwater. This is not a problem as such as large amounts of land are left as floodplain, but it is the houses at the edges of this flooded land that we want to avoid.

So if you see a house that is high and dry at the end of two weeks such as the ones we've just had then you can have some confidence that it will not be flooded - at least not in the near future.

Most of the properties we looked at today were instantly excluded for one reason or another -too close to major trunk roads, airports, or schools, or too small etc. But we did find one. So the kind of house is out there...


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