Filmwise, a complete change of pace

Today on TV (on ITV2) they were showing the live action Thunderbirds film. It seemed like a good enough pick for watching over lunch - something to provide noise in the background for a few minutes.

I'd heard this film was a little bit naff! And to be fair it wasn't the best thing I've ever seen by far but it stayed on, we didn't switch it off. Okay neither did we pay it any particular attention from time to time. I read an article or two in a magazine whilst it was on, played a game or two of Bubblebreaker on my mobile phone and cleared away the dishes from lunch.

But the one thing that kept me watching was the people in it. I just cannot believe this film managed to get Ben Kingsley, Anthony Edwards, Bill Paxton and Sophie Myles to sign up. Incredible.

The plus points were Tracy Island and the various Thunderbird ships. They were very faithful to the original puppet show.

It wasn't as bad as I feared from what I heard but that doesn't make it a good film - not even close I am afraid.


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