An odd liking for a cookery program

I am not a fan of cookery shows. As a rule they just do not do it for me - could be in part because I do not like cooking. But there are three I rather like. The first two have something in common, and that is they include travel. These are Rick Stein shows and the Hairy Bikers.

But the third one is different, and it fits into a category I usually dislike immensely - game shows (or rather competition shows). It's called Masterchef Goes Large, and is a daily show lasting a few weeks, where people effectively have a "cook-off

Part of my watching it could be the fact that my family like the show, and it's a good chance to spend time with them - a number of the shows they watch are really not my taste, crime shows and the like.

Anyway, I have taken a liking to it and am not ashamed of it. It's a fun show.


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