The British Cheese Awards

Cable/Satellite TV has brought a whole mass of special-interest channels. One I hadn't noticed before today was Horse and Country. Now despite the fact I live in the countryside I am not a native. Until four years ago I had always lived in cities. But as my wife was a country girl who missed village life we sold up in the city and moved out.

BTW - for info, I haven't regretted one minute of it - village life is much more peaceful and I am happy here. But I I haven't developed a country feel - I admit to still being an incomer. So Horse and Country is not a natural channel for me. However when I wandered into the room and found that my family had tuned into the channel and the British Cheese Awards I was astonished and very much pleased.

The idea of it gripped me oddly and I was absorbed. I know there are cheese awards, I buy cheese at farmers' markets and some of the sellers have rosettes etc. I never thought there would be a large televised dinner presentation ceremony along the lines of the Oscars.

Not something I am likely to repeat watching but...


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