NaNoWriMo has started - big writing day

Well it's November so that means NaNoWriMo is underway. I had a morning away from the keyboard but once midday struck I was pretty good all afternoon. End result was an opening day count of 4,073 words. Can't complain at that. The novel (possible novella - still not sure about including the B plot) is now up to 31,510 words.

I do need to get some more submissions out there in the next few days but I will see if I can maintain some kind of impetus every day and get at least some writing time in. Let's see how quick I can finish this sucker.

Away from the keyboard we have finally started to watch Extant - and yes I know it's a year old already. Well first episode wasn't too shabby - certainly good enough to get me watching more. Although with five or six shows having restarted and Grimm joining them this week it's got competition for my limited time - especially as my week off work is over and I have to go back into the office tomorrow.

Now I quite like my job but it's been rather nice not to have the alarm going off for the past nine days.  Won't take me long to get back into the swing of things. And it's not long until Christmas and I can do it all again. Even down to the Nordic Noir blitz season; although it will be Jordskott and not Beck next time. There's no way we're going to store up The Bridge for a solid session, we'll all want to watch those as soon as they're aired.

Well I need to think about sleep now. That alarm clock will drill its way into my cerebellum at 7:10am. That's not music to my ears.


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