Yeah - got it back again

After a brief lull in the writing progress (a three day drought) I have been abusing the individual keys on my keyboard once again in the name of trying to write a novel. It feels good to be back in the saddle.

So how did I do tonight? Well, I have added a not too shabby 1,888 words the to bawdy scifi-noir comedy that is No Man's Land. Chapter 14 is well and truly underway and will hopefully be finished tomorrow. I have plenty of time as my wife is playing a gig tomorrow night so I will be home alone.

My NaNoWriMo count is a little behind schedule. I'm on 28,821 for the month so far. To be on target I should have got to 31,667 by this point so I am not too far off. A little frustrating as a week ago I was considerably ahead of the curve. Still, that's what a short drought will do to you.

Other than the current WIP I have some other writing news and it's not the best. I had the first rejection for the YA Fantasy the Patternmaker's Daughter after a staggering four days. That is a superfast turnaround. Maybe it just signifies they are not after YA Fantasy. Doesn't matter why; it's a no.

Tonight though I have sent off the weird novella the Intersection to another potential publisher - this time in Canada. That make an even dozen of subs for that story, far less than any of the others. But it is harder finding somewhere that will entertain a novella submission. Hopefully I will find it a home as I have a series of these stories planned.

Anyway - time is up. I need to go do other things before sleeping. More later


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