Midweek writing stuff

I like Germany and the Germans. This might seem like an odd way of starting a blog on writing but trust me there is a reason. And the reason is the blog entry title. You see one thing I really like about the German language is there is a sense of you get things straight. And today is one of the days that best exemplifies this. You see the German word for Wednesday is Mittwoch - over Midweek. Perfect.

Anyway - to writing. Well for the second day in a row I downloaded my emails to find two rejections; one for my political sf novel Against the Fall of Empire and one for the YA Fantasy the Patternmaker's Daughter.

I guess in some ways the second of them doesn't count as the reason given is she has stopped taking on new clients. Not so much a rejection as a non-response. Still means I am no steps closer to getting a novel published but it feels less of a defeat. I'm not going to let them stop me though. I am going to continue writing until I get some success.

So onto tonight. Well I started writing late - 9:30 before opening the file - so I only had tome for one section of 623 words. But I have left it setting up the next chapter quite nicely so tomorrow will hopefully be better.

Right off to watch a little TV before sleep. We've been watching a great series on British culture by Dominic Sandbrook called Let Us Entertain You. I think I will watch part of episode three now.

Good night all.


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