Uber quick writing update

Short on time tonight so have to be much quicker than I'd like.

Managed a section of the novel tonight - added another 1,155 words. But it's a bit a rejig. It came to me I'd started the novel a bit too late. I needed to put something in before chapter 1 and I already had an Introduction. So I was left with two alternatives. One: renumber all existing chapters up one and create a new chapter 1 to kick things off. Nah!

Or two, as this isn't exactly supposed to be a serious book - with the invented sub genre of bawdy scifi-noir comedy how could anything about it be serious - I have started writing a chapter zero. It made sense to me at the time.

So, end result, novel is now at 46,482 words. 19,045 have been written in NaNoWriMo mode and it's only the 9th. If all goes well I am on target for hitting the 50K. Good thing as I am out one night this week  at a pub quiz and attending a writer thing in Derby at the end of the month so will lose some time later.

Right - got to go. Will hope to have more time another day


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