Saturday report - writing and saxophones

A large part of today was taken up with a drive into Nottingham to a music store called Windblowers so my wife could buy another saxophone, a baritone this time. She has a gig playing it this coming Friday so it was pretty important she had one. It was a successful trip. To be honest it almost always is when going to Windblowers. It's a great store and I can't recommend it enough and I'm not the musician in the family. All I know is it makes my wife happy and that is good as far as I am concerned.

So it did mean I didn't get to start writing all that early for a Saturday and didn't have as much time as normal. It was worth it though.

So when I did get to the writing I managed three more scenes in the bawdy scifi novel No Man's Land comprising 1,684 words. It's taken the novel in the right direction and I have left it knowing exactly where I am going to pick things up in the morning so (hopefully) no fears of another block.

My NaNoWriMo effort is a little behind schedule but is at least at 65% of target - just against the fact that November is 70% done. So I need to crack on in the next few days. One thing that might mean I get it back in the final week and a bit is that my wife is out Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at rehearsals and playing a gig on Friday (as mentioned in paragraph one). That will mean I spend more time on the keyboard than I would have otherwise. I do like being with her when she's around so...

On other writing news I have sent in another submission for the YA fantasy - to an American Agency who seem rather partial to YA Fantasy. All but one of their agents list it as a preferred subgenre. Fingers crossed as always. No response to report - which I guess does mean no more rejections.

I think I might have the next project sorted once I'm done with No Man's Land. I listed the options swimming around my head to my wife this morning before we went out and she said that the Venice-ish fantasy tale The City and the Mask is one she wants to read so it looks like that will be the one. Not a bad thing her choosing that one. It's one I have a pretty full plot outlined for and I have written a three thousand word first chapter already so I know the mood I want it to take. I just have to come up with a little more flesh on the bone of its plot and then I'm good to go.

Anyway - need to finish up. time to eat then its TV night with the family. We have last night's Blacklist to watch, plus Doctor Who and the first two episodes of the third season of Scandinavian crime drama The Bridge on TV tonight. Yehay!

More later


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