Some Quick Final Thoughts

Well the evening of watching some TV shows has finished so I thought I'd go over some thoughts.

The Blacklist is getting rather convoluted at the moment - to the extent we had to stop it a couple of times to catch my mother in law up on things. Personally I'm enjoying it as I do always like a good conspiracy story even if I'm not a conspiracy nut as relates to the real world. I have this problem with some of the conspiracies people claim because of the sheer number of people who would need to be complicit. Have you ever tried keeping a secret when more than two people know about it. Faking a moon landing would have taken thousands. And besides there is actual evidence of it having taken place.

Onto Doctor Who and thankfully they've managed to make two episodes in a row that are good. This had a definite Prisoner meets Dark City meets the Cube feel about it with maybe a touch of Groundhog Day for good measure. Bit creepy at times, bit Doctor Who concept and very enjoyable.

Final offering for the night was a double helping of the Bridge Season 3 courtesy of BBC4. We are all hooked on this show and with Saga Noren in particular. Sofia Helin does a wonderful job portraying this basically unlikeable but compelling character. And the story is getting nicely twisted. We've had the first couple of blind alleys and now I'm sensing we're starting to get to the crux of it. Six more episodes to go over the next three weeks.

And then we'll be almost at Christmas when we'll be watching another Scandinavian drama series. Well, we have to. It's become something of a tradition for us.

There will be more writing, more blogging and more tweeting tomorrow - and hopefully one or two more submissions.

Sleep well all


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