Weekend is done - writing update

Well the two days of the weekend have passed with their usual rapidity and we all head back to work tomorrow. One of the facts of life I guess. And I'm fortunate to have a job I don't hate. I quite enjoy large parts of it and like many of my co-workers. So I'm luckier than a lot of people. But it does mean for the next five days my opportunities for writing are limited. Just as well I did okay-ish over the past couple of days.

As anyone who has been reading my blog entries over the last few days will know I am doing this NaNoWriMo thing. I will have to admit though I'm not doing it quite as in the heart of things as others. I did pop along to the first meeting of the Leicester group but found that it took a large chunk of writing time up which seemed to kind of go against the idea. Hence my not going again since.

I wanted to make that clear in case anyone might think I didn't enjoy the experience of it. I met a group of friendly book obsessed people - or to put it another way, my kind of folk. But it's not far off an hour to get into Leicester, find somewhere to park and get to the coffee shop where the meetings take place; same amount on the way back and the nearby car park is £3.50 an hour.

I just weighed it all up and thought I could do a lot more actual writing if I don't stray from my computer for four hours on my main writing day. So apologies to the people in the group but I will not be back. And I have to admit there's a part of my not being the most sociable of people thrown in their too. I like my own company and quite often am not in the mood for others. Well except for my wife. There's never a time when I don't enjoy being with her.

On with the point, man. (Channelling my wife)

It is now eight days into NaNoWriMo or 26.6% of the way through the month. In that time I have written 17,890 words, or 35.78% of my target. So I am ahead of the curve; exactly where I need to be as I am missing Wednesday evening this week (a work function) and a good deal of next Saturday going round to a friend's place to advise him on setting up a sideline business.

Essentially he's getting into comics trading in addition to the memorabilia trading he does now and I might have a history as a comic dealer so I am going to go impart wisdom and drink Pepsi Max. That's a regular part of our get togethers. Talk a lot, drink caffeine. What do you expect if you put two mad Star trek fans in a room and leave them to it. Hmmh, that's a point. I think this will be the first time I will have seen him since the announcement of the new Trek series. No doubt we will go on about that a bit.

All of which means it's a good thing I'm ahead of the count. So I am setting myself a little target for the end of next weekend. That will be the 15th so I will be 50% of the way through the week and my aim is 30K. I want to be at the 60% completion point halfway through. Let's see how it goes.

Right - away from writing. Apparently there is more to life that inventing others.

Some TV watching has been wedged in between all this keyboard and English language abuse. My wife and I are both superhero junkies to one degree or another. I read more comics than she did as a kid but we watch all the films and TV shows. This week has been little crammed with other stuff so we have Arrow, Flash and Supergirl all backed up. Well so far today we've watched the first two and they were two pretty good episodes.

The episodes (Flash S2 E04, Arrow S4 E04) both moved the season's plot arc along well, introducing what I would imagine will become a significant part of each show for the rest of the run, without failing on the entertaining front. Good job on them both.

Now I need to head off and watch the Supergirl episode before getting some sleep. This is the show that the jury is still out on. I'm not sure of the characters as yet or whether it is a little too YA for my tastes, but I'm willing to give it a good chance. I felt the same way about the Flash after all and that got good. And as for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - that was frankly awful for most of the first season and now is one of my unmissables.

Let's hope Supergirl goes the same way.


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