End of Week Writing Catchup and general thoughts

Just a few thoughts on writing and more.

Wednesday I was out at a work function - a pub quiz which we did not win, never mind. It was great fun though. Good to see my colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. I did manage a quick bit of writing when I got back as my wife was still out at band practice. But it was only 470 words. Not quite up to my normal level. Never mind.

Thursday though made it seem unreachable heights. I had one of those days. Just didn't feel it. I did have a look at the story but just wasn't going to happen so I watched a TV show or two with my wife - her band (other band) rehearsal having been cancelled. Very pleasant evening but no writing.

So tonight I was determined. Although I did decide it was best to send in a submission or two of the YA fantasy novel The Patternmaker's Daughter. No use it just sitting there. So there are seven more submissions out there in the world. Hopefully one person out there will take a liking to Elspeth.

That done - headed back to the novel and after an initial false start managed to get it going. Started chapter 13, added a quick 790 words scene to the story.

Then took a break, flicked onto the news and saw the reports from Paris. All of a sudden writing didn't seem important.

I'm not an expert on the human race. I know I'm one of them (and at this moment I almost wish I was not) but I do not understand much of what motivates some people to do what they do, especially when it is something as atrocious as killing an innocent. It makes me feel that as a species we are not worthy of this planet, and of the chance it gives us for life.

My thoughts, as I think are those of the vast majority of people with any compassion in their heart, are with the injured and with the families and friends of those killed, and with the people of Paris and France as a whole. We are diminished tonight.


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