Amazingly no rejections - and then music

After four consecutive days with at least one rejection for one of my novels or another today, after deleting all the spam and twitter notifications, I had no rejections whatsoever. It felt actually uplifting to not seeing another dead end spring up in front of me. Not that I am going to let anything as silly as a rejection stop me writing. I am determined to continue to improve until I am holding a book in my hands that I wrote (and doing it without paying for the printing to happen).

One thing I forgot to mention in my blog entry yesterday. There was a band I really liked back in the 1980s when I was a wee nipper (okay maybe older teenager). That band was called the Faith Brothers. Right - time for an aside.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music. They should also know my taste in music is a little eclectic. I love prog rock, prog metal, heavy metal and thrash metal but don't see why that should stop me liking folk music, jazz, punk, new wave, reggae etc.

Now I do not like all bands and artists in all genres. There are some styles I just really do not like - think country and western, rap, hip hop/house (or whatever it's called now). But in general I just like good music and always have. I remember back in the 80s going to see Motorhead, the Alarm, the Cure, Yes and Roy Harper all inside a couple of weeks and enjoying all of them.

Now one of those gigs had the Alarm and the Faith Brothers playing the Birmingham Odeon. I am probably a music company's most loved fan. You see, when a support act plays a lot of people head for the bar and ignore them. Not me. I've come across a number of bands that I love to this day because they were a support act for someone I liked. Spock's Beard/Neal Morse come to mind. They were a weird one as they supported Dream Theater - another band I love - only not in any of the gigs I saw. But I read a mention of them then saw a CD of theirs in an independent record shop (remember them) in Banbury and on a whim bought it.

Anyway - get back to the thread. I have always liked the Faith Brothers even though they were short lived and enjoyed a good deal of the solo work of their singer Billy Franks since they split up. Well, yesterday, out of the blue Billy Franks followed me on Twitter. Weird and kind of cool. I, of course, followed straight back.

But the effect has been to focus my music listening quite tightly. I've not put anything in the CD player since then that wasn't either Billy Franks or the Faith Brothers. Eventide (FB CD) is playing as I type this. I'm having some nice nostalgia moments. Hell, more than that - I'm just enjoying some really good music.

But don't take my word for it. Billy Franks has a website you can go visit and check out his music

Or you could check out YouTube for a good selection. Here's a link to the list of Faith Brothers' tracks

Anyway - need to get  few things done so I have time to write later.


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