Sunday progress report

Well I gave it a good go today and added 2,944 words to No Man's Land, my bawdy scifi noir comedy. Here's the progress report summary

Today - 2,944
NaNoWriMo - 46,384
Novel - 73,821

I'm going to fall short of the month's 50K target but not by that much. I need to write 3,616 words tomorrow but unfortunately I am also at work. If I'd thought about it I might have booked the day off so I could give a serious go. But I didn't so what can you do about it?

It's irritating because the first week of writing this novel was extraordinary. I wrote more than 27K in eight days, and every single one of them was in October. By the time November started I'd used a good deal of my preprepared compound expletives and had to invent from then on as I went.

I will learn from this. If I decide to go for this challenge again next year I will pick something that means all I need to concentrate on are the characters, the setting and the plot. Having to do all that and continuously invent new, and often gross, euphemisms every fourth sentence is tough going.

Next time I will plot out a YA fantasy novel or something like that. That was a much quicker write than this. I managed 7K in a day on more than one occasion. Still at least this has been enjoyable even if it was hard work. It was kind of funky to have my wife go "EW" so often when she read through each chapter.

I'm looking over where I am in the plot. I'm estimating what I have left will take about 15K-18K words. I'm hoping I should have that done in a little over a week. I want to get plotting out one of the other tales soon. The ideas are started to fight in my rear brain. One of them needs to be released soon.

Hope to have more news for you soon.

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