Very quick Monday post - inc writng update

First day back at work after a week off is always a jolt to the system. Still at least I don't hate my job. Anyway it is late and I have another day in the office tomorrow so I have to be brief.

I kept up my momentum on the NaNoWriMo - 50K in November effort this evening. Another 1,294 words written bringing the total to 5.367 in two days. My wife is out tomorrow night so I can see a few more being added.

I may have mentioned one potential issue with the 50K target. I am not totally sure whether to add the second plot that would mean this could get to 50K more on this one project. But I do have three other potentials to move onto should I reach the end before completing my task
 - a YA scifi on a ruined Earth - sounds a little too of the now so I might pass
 - another weird novella in which to torment Ben Williamson
 - an adult fantasy set in Venice in the 15th Century

One of them should do the trick

Anyway - it's a school night so I got to go sleep. More tomorrow


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