First Friday thoughts

Well it's another weekend which mean, hopefully, a good deal of writing to come in the next couple of days. It's started off okay. So far tonight I have added 1,120 words to the novel in two quick scenes, one of which was nothing but a rant from the narrator of my story about the lead character. They don't get on. It certainly did nothing to advance the plot. But then again, that was kind of the point.

 Anyway, more writing will be done in a few minutes. Just wanted to blog a little first.

NaNoWriMo is a distant dream now. I have 10K to go and three days to do it. Not impossible but not the easiest of tasks. I'm not giving up on yet though.

Some more writing news is two more emails received from agencies. Both of them concerned my YA Fantasy novel the Patternmaker's Daughter and both were rejections. One of them was a bog standard form letter reply that said nothing except NO in any way that mattered. The other was a personal email and included some pleasant positives - they liked the way I write was one of the phrases. Only it ended with the comment that they weren't sure they could find it a home so were not going to represent me. The end result was the same but at least it felt good to have someone comment on it.

One thing I noticed about the way my head has been working this week. I have been inundated with Black Friday emails and seen one or two adverts about it but for some twisted reason nothing in my brain associated it with it being Thanksgiving over in the US this week. I feel a bit of a gibbon if I'm honest.

So to anyone reading this from the other side of the pond, I hope you have had / are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

More later


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