Friday evening opening gambit - some writing already

It's the end of another week and the start of another weekend and my wife is out playing another gig somewhere in Nottinghamshire. So I am home alone with nothing getting in the way of some writing. And for once it seems to mean I am actually writing. It's only 7:45 in the evening and I have one scene down (666 words added and no, I wasn't deliberately aiming for it - that's a complete fluke) and the start of another in the bag.

Good going; so why am I blogging already you might ask. Well it's a good question. You see I am mulling over the next few lines of the book and so thought I'd spend the time tapping a few words into this blog.

The book is now a little over 57,000 words (57,103 to be exact) and going along at a reasonable enough pace. Still not sure it's going to make my initial target of 80K-85K words but I guess it will find its own length. Maybe I can put some of the initial ideas I had when sketching out the plot that didn't quite make it into the first draft when I do the revising. Might get me up to scratch.

Equally though it might be best to keep this one shorter. The humour is a bit raucous and full on at times and it might get a bit too much if I go for full length. We will see how it reads when I go over it in the future.

On other matters, I will be finding some time this weekend to send off another submission or five as well as catching up with some TV. I still haven't watched last week's Doctor Who episode, although from what I've heard I'm probably not missing all that much. I will watch it though, and tomorrow's. And then of course there are the first two episodes of the Bridge season 3. This Scandinavian series is quite possibly my favourite show on TV at the moment so it starting up again is cause for much celebration.

Anyway - enough procrastination. Back to writing


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