End of Tuesday Progress Report

Two more sections have been added to the novel as well as a slight rewrite of the one before it. I'd doubled up on a joke from earlier in the novel (which was gently pointed out by my wife who reads this stuff through at the end of each writing session). So I went back, modified the section so it didn't clashed and then got on with it.

Here's the summary of activity
Day's increase - 1,321 words
#NaNoWriMo - 37,278 (2,772 behind schedule) 74.56% of target
Novel 64,715 words

I don't think I am going to make the 50K for the month. Not without an explosion of typing in the next six days. I need to average 2,120 words a day which, although possible, is unlikely. Still I will have made some good progress on the story which is the main purpose and if I finish it in early December where's the harm?

I might keep this daily log thing going though. I'm curious how the speed of writing will vary between types of fiction. I'm feeling it's a lot harder writing bawdy scifi as I have to keep inventing new euphemisms and almost sweatings. Not the easiest thing to do.

I did find one thing intriguing. The second scene I wrote this evening comprised 666 words (yeah, I love that coincidence). In those words there were 8 animal mentions and 10 bodily parts. Make of that, what you will.

So, the evening is over pretty much. I'm going to go relax before getting some sleep and will start to think of new things to type tomorrow night

More to come.


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