Thursday round up

Had time tonight to write just one section of the book but as 873 words it wasn't an ultrashort one. It included dynamite enemas too so kind of fun.

I'm resigned to the fact I am either going to have to go all out to get to 50K for NaNoWriMo given there are four more days or I'm not going to make it. I'm on 38,778 words for the month so far. Now I have written over 7K in a day before now but that wasn't for a book where I am having to invent a new euphemism every other paragraph and creatively swear in between. It takes some thinking about and that takes time. We shall see though.

My wife is playing a gig in Nottingham (apologies - I meant Matlock Bath) tomorrow night so I will be writing my little socks off (ok, they're not small - I take a UK size 16.5 shoe - US 18 but you get the idea). If I do a decent blast Saturday and Sunday too I might get close. Here's hoping.

Either way I'm hoping to finish up draft one of this story in the first week of December. I need to write something else. I have the idea I might just write the next Ben Williamson weird novella next. I have the story down on paper in one of my many notepads and I feel it's the story of now gone wronger so it's likely to be the next thing I write. That and I have an idea of where to submit it.

Talking of submitting, I have sent one of the existing Ben Williamson stories in to a small press publisher I found on twitter earlier. I remain forever hopefully. I have another possible home for it but the document will take some extensive reformatting so I will wait on that one until I have more time.

Anyway - have run out of time. More tomorrow


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