Tuesday NaNoWriMo and all that

Tuesday evening is rapidly (and annoyingly) heading for its end. Time definitely passes too quickly. Fortunately though I have made good use of what time I did have tonight and have  been abusing this poor keyboard quite horrendously. So much so that I have added another 2,140 words to the novel, Here's the breakdown of stats

Tonight 2,140 words
Novel 48,622

What I have added tonight will mean chapter one will need to be rewritten once I start revising but that can be later. For now I just want to get to the end of it.

After ten days, a third of the month or 33.3%, I am 42.3% towards my target. Just as well I'm getting ahead as I might not get any writing time in tomorrow night as it's the work pub quiz night. We will see.

Now going to relax for a while before sleeping

...and then it will all start up again tomorrow


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