Thursday Catchup

Two days ago I had an acceptance for a short story (mentioned earlier). Since then I have been brought back down to Earth a little; two rejections in two days.

The first was for the political sf novel Against the Fall of Empire and came from an agency. The second was for the horror novel Mr. Stinky and came from a publisher. That reminded me how hard this game is.

Of course I am not letting it stop me writing. I just have too many stories in my head trying to break free to risk stopping. And I do get some nice words for my writing from time to time, and not just from my test readers. A couple of agencies and publishers have been very positive about the stuff they read just saying it wasn't something they could do anything with. If only I could guess what it was they could do something with; within my scope of writing. I'm not going to try to write a romance novel or a spy story - I just don't have that kind of thought.

So back to what I do write. I've been expleting my way thought the hopefully comedic sf-noir detective tale on a space station I've called No Man's Land. Well I have written more than ten thousand words on it since the start of the month.

My NaNoWriMo total currently stands at 10,452 words and the novel itself is up to 37,889. I have managed to rejig part of the subplot I had in mind so the novel still has enough ground left in it to get up to length. Or at least it will do when I go back and add in a section or two earlier in the piece to support what I'm about to do.

Over 10K in five days, four of which I've had to go do the day job in, I consider to be not too shabby. I should have some more time to add to it this weekend so hopefully it will grow a little towards the 50K total.

Music choices helping tonight have been some wonderful selections from
 - Dio
 - Disturbed
 - Amon Duul II
 - Tom Waits

I never said I had a normal taste in music


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