Saturday about to start

Well, I know it is two o' clock in the afternoon and I've not written a single word of new fiction yet but I haven't been totally lazy. I have sent in two submissions already today

Mr Stinky to Enigmatic Books
The Intersection to Kraken Press

And so far today I've not received any rejection emails (I know that's tempting fate) so not a bad day.

Away from writing popped into Ashby de la Zouch this morning where there is a Christmas Market going on. Now I'm not one to scribble endlessly about the general stuff in my life, this blog is focussed on books, writing, scifi and horror with some music occasionally, so don't worry I'm not going to go into extensive detail about it. It was nice to see so many people enjoying themselves and I'm going to leave it at that.

I only mentioned it because it did make things take just a little longer to do the stuff we headed into town for so introduced a slight delay. Whilst in there I did manage to indulge my collecting urges a little, but only a little. I bought a couple of talking books (Dan Brown & Bill Bryson) for my wife as she does a lot of driving with her job, the second Michael Palin diary book (I enjoyed the first immensely) and some CDs including the Psychedelia compilation playing now; current track is the Nice with the Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack.

No new scifi, fantasy or horror books for the collection unfortunately.

One more thing to mention is TV series Grimm. We've been fans of this for years (since the start) and the show is maintaining a good standard of storytelling. I was worried this show might get a little silly as time went on but it hasn't (well no sillier than it was to start with). There are a few good underlying plotlines building with the Trouble and Adalind storylines to go along with the monster of the week main story. Good, well balanced episode.

Now if I could get something published I would love to give writing a Grimm novel. I have this idea for a European based story set a few years before featuring Nick's mother as a young woman. I'd love to have the chance to write it. Pipe dreams eh?


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