Before I get started tonight

I might have blogged a bit yesterday but I still completely forgot one thing I intended to mention. In between reporting anything relevant to my writing and my ramblings on, well pretty much anything that comes to me, I have been detailing my on going book collecting.

Since the car boot (US read swap meet) season ended it's a been a little thin on the ground. There just aren't the used book stores there used to be any more and buying new books isn't as much fun. But I do have charity shops to peruse and whilst they are often not all that good for the kind of older sf I am addicted to it does pop up occasionally.

Yesterday wasn't one of those times however so apologies if you thought this is where I was leading you. I popped into six shops and managed to find just two books and both of them fairly recent. For completeness sake they were

S.M. Stirling - Dies the Fire
Graham Masterton - Taken for Dead

Better than nothing - considerably. Those are two fine authors and I'm pleased to have these books in my collection.

Okay - caught up, I'm going to get writing


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