Very quick blog about novella

I had some time to write this afternoon so made the most of it. Four new sections were added (2,125 words) bringing the novella up to 28,259. It is now moving into the end game of the story. Not much to go at all. I'm guessing two or three thousand words at most.

My hopes of having it done by the end of the day do not seem likely though. I had hoped to get a good amount of writing done this morning. An initially bad night's sleep put paid to that. Still being awake at 3am meant once I did fail asleep getting up and writing by 9am just wasn't an option. Adding in having to go dispose of all the recycling as our collection was scheduled for tomorrow (and so not happening) and I didn't actually get to the keyboard until 3pm.

So the writing slot was two and a half hours. About half what I had hoped. The good news though, is I still have three more days before I have to go back to the office so am keeping my fingers crossed I will finish it comfortably.

And I really must get around to sending in some more submissions. After all what's the point of all this writing if no one ever has the chance to read it.

Talking of reading - one of my test readers is half way through the Patternmaker's Daughter, my YA fantasy, and enjoying it. He's come back with a few comments but no suggested changes yet. We'll see if these materialise when he's finished.


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