End of writing Saturday report

Today has seen more words added to this novel in a single day since November 7th. I have written 3,209 words, finished chapter 21 (penultimate) and written half of chapter 22 (final). The novel is now up to 86,658 words. Two thousand more and the last chapter will be done and then there is just the matter of the epilogue which should be no more than a further two thousand.

It will come in at a smidge of 90K which was my intended target when I plotted the thing out. Not too shabby an estimate if you ask me (which you haven't). It'll change a little once I get to revising it and adding in the comedy bios for some of the leading characters but the word count won't be far off what it is now by the time it's all done. And then I will have another one to fire out into submissions land to ensure my never ending stream of rejections can continue.

That's the cycle of things - spend all that time writing your latest, greatest masterpiece, revise and polish then send out into the world and await rejection.

Now before you think I'm getting all down and mopey - I'm not. I'm just not putting a brake on my natural sarcastic tendencies; instead letting it all flow. Hence this notice - I AM IN A GOOD MOOD. Not sure why - it could be something to do with the amount of caffeine I've ingested today. I don't normally drink much caffeine as it affects me in not good ways but it does help the writing so I will cope with the inevitable being awake and feeling paranoid at 4am. Tomorrow I will keep off it.

I've been through quite a selection of writing music to keep me going today from Germany to Germany and back. I realised this as I started to think about this blog.

The first piece of music I played today was by German metal band Helloween - a favourite album from the 80s, Keep of the Seven Keys Part 2. Then it went eclectically through Springsteen, Live, Elbow, and others before getting around to German rock and hippy weirdness band Avalon's Eurasia album complete with its cover of Mr Mister's Kyrie then I spiralled off in many directions including the Beach Boys, B-52's (grocer's apostrophe their) and others before finishing with one of my favourite bands - Kraftwerk.

All in all a successful day and no rejection emails coming this way. Although having seen that three of the submissions I made through Submittable have no moved across to In-Progress you feel it's only inevitable.

I'll have more writing time tomorrow. My wife is starting rehearsals for a pantomime and so I'll be home alone again. I'm going to stress her role in it is looking after the music and playing clarinet/saxophone. She won't be on stage. I should have a chance of finishing the final chapter before Sunday is over although I don't think I'll get to the epilogue until Tuesday.

One final thing to mention. I am a fan of rugby union side the Leicester Tigers and so very happy tonight as they went over to Munster and won. Muster have played 67 home games in European competition and only lost five of them so you can see just how significant this is. Oh, and one of the previous four defeats was also to Leicester. Isn't that a shame.


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