Writing update (actual writing this time)

I was thinking I might wait until I had finished writing completely before tapping in another blog entry but some thoughts were going through my head and distracting me from writing so I decided I'd best get them down.

I'm writing another Ben Williamson novella. So far today I've added 2,640 words bringing the whole up to 6,380. And for anyone who's interested those words have also brought the December writing total up to 20,308 new words between No Man's Land and this novella. not bad considering I've not been as focussed one word count as I was last month.

Anyway that's not why I've interrupted my writing to tap out this blog. You see music is a great inspiration for me. I'm currently halfway through a section of the novella that is set in Düsseldorf. Anyone who's read this blog recently will know that I've been listening to a great deal of German music - especially Kraftwerk. And guess where they hail from. Yeah; it's Düsseldorf.

So you would think it would make sense to listen to more of it as I type this wouldn't you. Well I picked Dr, John's Gumbo instead. Which of course has had me thinking of New Orleans and a plot for another Ben Williamson story popped into my head (guess where it's set).

So I had to stop writing the current story long enough to get it written down and blogged about a bit so I would remember it which will hopefully clear the mind enough to get back to the current story. Now before you think there's a voodoo/zombie story in the offing let me assure you I'm not that obvious. New Orleans is too much associated with voodoo in Hollywood movies for me to pick it as a story. I will say though that all the water around there does feature in it, although maybe not in the way you might think. There's certainly not going to be a second round of Katrina like devastation.

Right - mind should hopefully be sufficiently blanked of New Orleans. Let's get back to the current story.


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