End of Friday writing update

Well it feels good to get back writing the bawdy scifi novel after the craziness of the week. I won't be on target to finish it off this weekend - not unless I get really productive anyway. But I won't be far off.

Tonight I added 1,017 words bringing it up to 83,449. The first one and half scenes of chapter are in the bag (or should that be in the book?) so it's getting closer to the end all the time. I'm still expecting it to be 22 chapters and a short epilogue and this late in the book I can't see the plan changing overmuch. I might sneak an extra scene in somewhere but it's pretty much done.

I'm also hoping to get time to sort out some more submissions this weekend. I know I have this one publisher reading the full manuscript of the Patternmaker's Daughter but I am not counting on it getting a positive result. I'm still going to work on the premise of needing to send more out. And when I think of it I do have four completed, fully revised books to get going out there.

Might spend a bit more time sorting out the 2nd Ben Williamson novel too. Then I could add a fifth into the mix.

Okay - some non writing thoughts. We finished the Flash/Arrow crossover and it ended as satisfyingly as it had started. The Supergirl story is also continuing well. I am impressed with the current roster of TV superheroes. Let's hope the Marvel ones keep up the standard when I get the chance to watch them. I really must sort out a Netflix submission at some point. I've been resisting it as I'm not a fan of this ever increasing range of must pay for services. but when there are shows like this I might have to abandon my principles - or maybe just buy the DVDs


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