What day is it again?

The thing with these Christmas holiday breaks is you lose track of things. Once Christmas itself is done and gone who really knows when they are? Okay, I need to offer apologies to anyone who works at this time of year. I used to and I know how it feels so sorry if us idle layabouts are being irritating. Just remember you get your chance to be smug by having more vacation time available at times of  year when there's something you can do with it.

And as anyone who actually knows me will tell you I always know when it is - I don't lose track of the date or day. My brain just won't let me.

It's two days since my last blog entry - yeah, this one is a little later than intended. I did a fair bit of writing yesterday - some 1,757 words. I ran out of time though when it came to doing a blog entry because I was going along with the family to watch my wife playing a gig - baritone sax time too.

The intention was that first thing today I was going to put that right and detail the writing progress of the day before and then get on with today's writefest. You see my wife was going to be out all today at a Saxophone thing. So she goes out, I'm home alone writer type. And then I made a mistake.

Just before going out last night to attend the gig I tweeted about my expectations to write for many hours and get a sizeable chunk towards finishing the novella. I shouldn't have done that. You see I have no shred of belief in fate whatsoever; or in premonitions or anything like luck. Tempting fate is one of those things that makes no sense. Whenever I hear people say it the first thought that goes through my head is "Do you really think the Universe gives a shit about little old you and your bowling league?"

I'm not saying I am starting to doubt my previous position. I am not. And I have no belief in myself as anyone important so even if the Universe did bother itself with us silly little humans (currently occupied with screwing up the one place we know can sustain us before finding another) why would I think it would start with me?

No the real reason is I am bound to get someone to say - "told you so, you shouldn't tempt fate."

Well today saw my wife cancel her Saxophone day as she is has a virus and is suffering a little. So I did the husband thing and spent the entire day with her, even making the occasional cup of coffee or fetching biscuits. Soppy old me, eh? (Oh Lord, I just sounded Canadian. What with that, eh?)

So it's now 7pm and I have a few minutes so I decided to blog instead of writing. I didn't think I'd have enough time to put together the next scene of the novel and I knew this was overdue. So I thought I would bore anyone who happens to read these things. If anyone does.

I know blogger gives me a count of page views but it isn't an indicator of readership. I will accede the comments are. I've had a few so I know that every now and again one of these has been read. But I don't assume this is a regular thing. I'm not that vain. And I'm not seeking sympathy or the internet version of a well done pat on the back. I'm not feeling depressed or auto-destructive. I don't blog because I need something extra in my life - be it acceptance or confirmation I'm not alone.

I blog... well in truth I'm not sure. Okay I have the pretence of writing so I detail my accomplishments in that field - great though they are not. So I can say that a part of this is to try to increase the internet awareness of my chosen pen name. But that's not it; or at least not fully it.

I think it's a kind of mental mouthwash thing. I use this refresh the brain. Let it ramble a little and maybe it will start working the way I want it to; or the way I need it to. I might not always know what that is.

Hmm, I just re-read this. I seem to gone off on one. Kind of confirms the last paragraph. Maybe I should have just kept to typing stuff about the TV show Sherlock which my wife persuaded me recently to watch. It had been on my list of programmes that sound interesting but which I can live without if it means I get more writing time.

Well in the lead up, I guess, to the Victorian episode, the whole lot are being reshown, one each day, and I am watching them. Up to number five so far and they are superb. I am hopelessly hooked and will be continuing until I run out.

That's better isn't it? Talking about TV shows, eh? It seems a little easier to read than the previous weird shit. I'll try to bear it in mind more in future and stop being so damn serious.


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