Mini writing hiatus

After three days of hardly seeing my wife as she was always out gigging and with the knowledge that once Christmas is over she will be off for another three or four days of being out gigging I wasn't going to spend last night and tonight in this office tapping the keys, writing my novella. I was going to spend time with her when there was time. And before you ask how am I writing this blog entry unless I am being away from her - well you do have a point. But I am going to keep this short.

You see there is a writing thing I want to blog about and it's a good one. I got the email containing a link the pdf of latest issue of the Literary Hatchet containing a short story of mine. Click on and you'll get to the main screen - click further on the Issues menu item and scroll down to issue 13. I'm in that one. You can download it for free.

Just to whet your appetite and for me to show off a bit more - here's a screen shot of the titles page (part of it showing my story listed)

And just for good measure here's the header page they created for the story - it's kind of cool to see it.

I've got a physical copy on its way to me which I'm expecting early in the New Year. No doubt I will blog about that when it arrives.

Anyway - I'm off back to enjoy some more "us" time with my wife. I'll be back on here in the next day or two (during the bits when I'm hiding out of the way as the family makes a special meal. We might celebrate Christmas per se but having this much time of together can only be good. Especially as it usually means we will be doing another Nordic Noir marathon.



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