The book is done (draft one anyway)

I finished writing draft one of the bawdy sci-fi novel No Man's Land. Feeling quite happy about it as I thought I would be writing the epilogue on Tuesday so ahead of schedule.

Going to take the next day or so to think over which of the ideas will become the next project. I know common sense tells me the Ben Williamson would be the best as it is only likely to be 30K and I have a market in mind for it but I need to write what feels best at that moment. Not sure yet but I am positive I will have committed to one idea in the next day or so.

Went through the notebooks yesterday to figure out how many I'm choosing from and there are eleven different novels with plots in various stages of development in them. Yeah - I have options which is good.

My wife will tell you of the bad side of that arrangement though - I have to make a decision. It's kind of strange. When I'm doing my day job I find decisions easy. As soon as I step away from that the difficulty goes through the roof even though the subject matter of the decisions becomes so much more inconsequential. Never said my brain worked properly.

Away from writing, having finished draft one we celebrated by watching some TV. Caught up with the latest episode of Grimm - Trouble is back and the whole secret society sub-plot moved on a little whilst still maintaining a good monster of the week storyline. And then watched episodes 7 & 8 of season 3 of the Bridge.

All I can say about the Bridge is WOW. They are really putting lead character Saga through the ringer. She suffers from Aspergers and has difficulty relating to others or her own emotions and in this pair of episodes they've hit her hard from just about every angle imaginable. I'm not going to go all spoilers on you with details but take it from me if you have not watched this show you must.


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