Found some old stuff online

Some seven years ago I had my first stab at writing using the pen name I.E. Lester (hence the URL for this blog and my twitter account.

A few minutes ago I accidentally stumbled on the for from complete isfdb page for my writing back then at

It got me thinking. I wonder how many other pages there are back from my days as a mainly non-fiction writer between 2008 and 2010 before I set up my comics and scifi toys/memorabilia business. (It occupied so much of my time I didn't write for years.) Anyway I found a few so I thought I would compile a list of URLs

An article on Generations Starships

An article on Exoplanets

Short science fiction story

Short comedy horror

A review article covering 4 PS Publishing novellas

A lot of short reviews on the Murky Depths website (link to menu)

A review article covering 3 PS Publishing titles

I'm sure there are more out there but this gives you an idea

I may have just joined the club of saddos who Google themselves. However I am trying to justify this by spinning it as Googling my writing other self, not me personally. I do not self Google on a personal basis.


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