Somewhere in the middle of it all

Well I'm 1,574 words into today's writing and I have just finished the penultimate chapter of the book. Yep, the next time I touch a keyboard will see the first word of the final chapter hit the screen. Kind of colossal that moment is, every time. And to give you a little tease, the chapter title is already there - 'Watch out Fan, You Know What’s Coming'

I thought I'd take a break from it though, rather than just jump in so I can formulate the opening couple of sentences properly - and come up with some more euphemisms involving wild animals and bodily parts. Brain cells need a quick refresh. So here I am, listening to the Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow - kind of trendy for me - and typing up a quick blog just to get some more words flowing through the grey cells. Words like epimorphisms, pneumatics and prestidigitator. If I get lucky it might even through in a weird phrase like bloviating obfuscation. I like that one, makes me feel good which is half the point of it I guess.

Anyway the update on the writing is as follows. 21 of the planned 22 chapters are written (well being honest as there is a decent sized introduction and a chapter zero I should say 23 of the planned 24 but that's just semantics - as is pointing out the intention for the novel to have a epilogue meaning I should maybe say 24 out of 25). Whatever you decide from all that, the point is I only have one more chapter (and an epilogue) to write and I will be done. With any luck that might be by the end of tomorrow although I'm expecting it to be Tuesday night. Monday evening is intended as a no writing night as it's one of the few times I will see my wife awake for more than ten minutes in the next seven days as she's either going to be gigging, rehearsing or at the day job.

I have done some other writing related stuff too. Twitter suggested someone for me to follow - turned out that someone was a publisher who accept YA fiction so I sent off another submission. Took a little time as their requirements were quite a bit different to the norm so it meant writing a new synopsis for the book, one that met their requirement and then get a listing of all my social media sites sorted (including this blog). Fingers crossed as always.

More TV thoughts - we finished watching the 7th episode of Supergirl, Human for a Day. Well did we find out a couple of things in this episode? I'm not going to spoil it in case you've not seen it or bore you to death if you have no intention of seeing it.

It was one of those growing episodes all series need to have if they are going to survive. It managed to reveal something pretty major about one of the main characters, forced the lead character to move beyond what she was in a time of need, added some angst between cast members which will no doubt come to some kind of head later and move the whole series arc forward a touch. Yeah, all in all good stuff and congrats to the show runners and writers. (I thank the creators first always). The actors were all good too. All round top effort.


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