2015 penultimate writing day

I can't believe it's the 30th already. Six days of my ten off work are gone (okay there is a fair bit of today left but when it's dark already you do start thinking it's done for).

Today has seen a decent amount of writing achieved, if not exceptional. I added 2,502 words to the novella bringing it to 26,134 words in length. So there are a little under 4K to go if I'm on target. In truth I think it will be a little over that. I'm still hoping it might be finished by the end of tomorrow so I can have it done before we run out of 2015.

One thing in its favour for this is I've run out of episodes of Sherlock to watch. One of the cable channels here in the UK was showing one episode a day but they only had rights to the first six. The announcement at the end of the episode watched today was they be showing the next few episodes from February. A pain in terms of the cliff hanger ending it left, but good in terms of there's two hours I won't be watching TV in the morning.

It might mean I have a chance of finishing this story - draft 1 of it anyway.

I'm then going to get printing. I need to have the first draft of No Man's Land on paper so I can get to work on revising it.

So that's it for today. No more writing. I have a dinner to prepare and then will be watching Nordic Noir with the family.

Until tomorrow


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