Midway Sunday report

Today was a bit of a slow start. My wife played a gig last night and wasn't back until late. So this morning was mostly a non-event.

By the time we'd dragged ourselves out of the pit (carefully and gradually), eaten breakfast and watched the final You, Me and the Apocalypse episode it was gone midday. My previous early morning Sunday writing sessions were not going to be a feature of today.

Okay, before I get much further I guess I should say a few things about that episode and the show as a whole. For anyone who never watched I'll give you a brief précis. It's surreal. An asteroid is heading for Earth; one large enough to wipe out all life on the planet.

The story focusses on a bizarre bunch of characters, from a priest and nun in the Vatican, a bank manager in Slough, his mother and flat mate, the bank manager's previously unknown identical twin, the bank manager's missing (for seven years) wife, a wonderfully twisted and cynical rich old lady played to perfection by Diana Rigg, an American librarian imprisoned for hacking despite the fact she knows nothing about computers and a neo-Nazi fellow inmate (played by the quite brilliant Megan Mullally), her son, gay brother and his husband, a US military General. And it follows them through an incredibly convoluted story of the last month before the meteor hits Earth.

It's been a compelling show and I'm seriously disappointed that it has finished. Or at least that this season has ended. The story didn't. It just kind of stopped and it left one or two cracking cliffhangers.

Of course there is no indication of whether there will be another season so we might just have to cope with that being it. I hope not though. I want more.

Onto writing. I have, so far today, added another couple of scenes to the novel and it really is getting to the crux of things. Just as well as the word count is up to 81.4K. I'm imagining it should be done by the 90K mark. not bad when at the start of November I wasn't sure if it would reach 75K. Back them I wasn't convinced by the subplot. A little rethinking and a slightly changed storyline works perfectly. (Well I would say that, wouldn't I?)

So, that's it - apart from a comment on music. I've been ably assisted by

Flying Colors
Morphine (the band)
Blair Tefkin
Teardrop Explodes
and of course my wife playing Christmas music on her saxophone

More later


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