Weekend report (mostly writing)

Well once more a Sunday has passed me by and tomorrow the office calls. not complaining about having to work to pay things like the mortgage just that... well who wouldn't mind not having to?

Anyway I have made reasonable progress on the novel this weekend. Yesterday saw 1,889 words added, today a further 2,211 bringing the total length to 82,432 words split into 20 chapters. Considering the plan was for 22 chapters you could say I'm getting close to done.

Aside from the writing I received another rejection, this time for science fiction novel Against the Fall of Empire which brings its rejection count up to 16. Should I start taking the hint about it? Nah! I'll just have to go find some other places to send it. I still like it. I just wish that one day some of you out there might get the chance to give it a read. I can always dream, can't I?

There is one piece of advice I was given a little while ago by a published author friend. When you get a rejection send at least one more submission out. So I did. This evening I have sent out two more submissions for the YA Fantasy novel the Patternmaker's Daughter. Fingers crossed.

In one of the needed breaks from the keyboard (you know those moments in which I pretend to actually have a life) we watched the latest episode of Elementary. I've long, long been hooked on Sherlock Holmes - since first watching Basil Rathbone films with my grandfather when I was a kid in the 70s/80s when they used to run them on UK TV.

So the chance to watch a modern adaptation with Holmes in New York was one I couldn't resist when the show first aired some three years back. Fortunately I liked it. I still do. I find it a very comfortable show despite all the prickliness of the lead character and his family and I put the reason for this entirely with Lucy Liu as Joan Watson. I think she is superb in the show (as in most things) and holds the thing together for me. not to say Jonny Lee Miller is anything but great in the show but he character he's playing is hardly the most stable is he.

The latest episode featured a typical web 2.0 idea overlaying an old school crime. It was a good, thoroughly satisfying program even if it didn't scale the kind of heights other episodes have done.

Anyway, the weekend is nearly done and I want to spend the last part of it doing something other than hitting a keyboard with my fingertips. I'll do enough of that when I get to the office, and then in the evenings as I race towards the completion of draft one of my bawdy sci-fi novel No Man's Land

More tomorrow


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