(Late) Weekend Round Up

Last night was the second night in a row my wife was playing a gig (this time on baritone saxophone) and so I had a night in writing. (Now before anyone asks why I don't go along and watch her play, she plays a lot of private functions and I'm not allowed to attend. This evening is another private function, Boxing Day is a wedding and so on. I will be going to one over Christmas as it's a pay on the door but general when she is playing I write.)

As a result I managed to get a decent chunk of writing done. The weekends progress is as follows

Saturday - 3,145 words
Sunday - 3,641 words

I am hoping to add some more today but I have things to do to get ready for the day job tomorrow so time is more limited. We will see.

Anyway, the novella is now standing at 10,526 words, a little over a third of its intended length. I'm hoping to be over halfway before Christmas and finished by New Year. That was I can kick off the New Year with a new novel project.

I guess somewhere in there I might do the revision on the bawdy science fiction detective space station story No Man's Land and start to see if I can find it a home.

On the subject of submissions, I did send a couple more for the YA fantasy out last night whilst trying to watch a bad horror film called the Dead Undead. The film wasn't brilliant and I wanted to get back to writing anyway so it got pulled after half an hour when I realised I just didn't care whether any of the characters survived (never a good sign) and more worryingly didn't care to see how they died which is kind of the point of a horror film).

And I didn't receive a single rejection all weekend - they must be saving them up for this week in a here's a special Christmas present for you kind of way.

So there you are all caught up. More to report later


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