Surprisingly productive

I was late in tonight - I left work early but had a thing (wife/musician/stuff) that meant I didn't get to the keyboard until gone 8pm. On my wife's band rehearsal night this is much more normally before seven.

And then the first thing I saw was an email from a publisher I had been rather hopeful about with regards my submission. I'd sent them my weird novella the Intersection and felt it had a good chance, especially as the first email I received from them said they though the synopsis was interesting. So there was I (just two days after having sent it in) all hopeful. Until I opened the email and read it, that was.

The email said they'd enjoyed it but it wasn't what they were looking for so were going to pass. Bugger.

I did immediate react by sending them another submission - for the horror novel Mr Stinky - as they said they would gladly accept further submission and I am always someone to take such a statement at face value.

That done though I have to admit I was rather deflated. I know they say you have to develop a thick skin and incredible levels of determination to succeed in this game but every now and then it gets to you and drains you of all confidence and energy. Tonight is one of those times so I fully expected to give writing a short go, find it wasn't working and head back to the lounge to maybe watch the end of the CFL game I'd watched over dinner.

(Quick aside - I like the Canadian Football League. And I recorded a bunch of games from during the regular season to tide me over until the Baseball season starts up again)

Surprisingly though what happened when I started hitting keys is it started to flow (in a rather disturbing irreverent way but all flowing is good) and I just got on with it.

I picked out some good writing music - initially Bruce Springsteen, the Saxon (both live albums) and completed a rather lengthy scene of 999 words. So happy with that.

I'm going to start the next section now although as my wife is due back from band practice within a few minutes I probably won't get far. Anything is a victory though.

And then I'm going to start thinking of the new story idea I've had (just leapt up on my from behind and is still fighting for control of my cerebral cortex). It might be about to throw my future writing plans up in the air. It's a doozy


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