Christmas Day Post 1

I guess most people will be with their family flat out today and not tapping on a keyboard like me. (BTW - not after sympathy)

So I'm not sure how many people will read this but I have a few minutes so I thought I'd blog; not really in the right head for writing yet. Christmas is here. Kind of an obvious statement, I know. You can hardly miss it after all. There are adverts and TV programmes everywhere after all.

Now I am not a parent, nor a Christian so this day has less significance for me than many. The good part for me is getting to spend time with the (small) family I do have (as it is with many I guess).

Well last night we tried to get our now traditional Christmas activity off to a good start and settled in to watch some Nordic Noir. We chose Jordskott. It didn't go down well with any of the others really. We only watched one episode. I enjoyed it but it's not really your typical Nordic Noir. It lacks many of the dark crime bits (even though it starts with a missing kid suspected of being kidnapped) and then ends with a very surreal supernaturally bit. I'm going to try to watch the other episodes at some point but it won't be family fair.

So we switched to Crimes of Passion - a series of Swedish crime thriller set in the 1950s. We watched the first of them, Death of a Loved One, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My mother in law thought it mostly boring. It was a little slower paced than the other Nordic Noirs we've seen and considerably more gentle in mood but I'm going to disagree with her, I'm looking forward to watching more of them.

The series stars one of the main actors in the Norwegian dark comedy show Dag that we've watched recently - Tuva Novotny. She's a great actor - adept at serious and comedic and I am keen to watch more things starring her.

Well with two strikes out of two (from one person's POV) on Nordic Noir the consensus afterwards was for a film so the latest Mission Impossible was chosen. Okay well it's a bit of a action fest with all the usual MI stuff so if you like that kind of thing then I guess you will enjoy this one. Personally I'm ambivalent towards it. It was well mad, had plenty of the over the top impossible action you might expect from an MI film but it won't be one I'll remember much of or talk about in future.

Later today we will, I'm sure do another viewing fest - I'm hoping there will be one Nordic Noir or similar that we can settle on - I like these ten episode dramas set in some bleak landscape that the Scandinavians seem so good at.

We will see.


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