Final standings Thursday

I wrote the blog entry earlier thinking I wouldn't have much more time and that I was pretty much done creatively for the night. Then the first sentence of the next scene popped into my head so I thought I'd better type it into the document. Well it didn't stop there. In fact it just flowed out at an incredibly rapid rate. So much so I added another 830 scene and finished off chapter 19.

Here are the stats

Tonight - 1,870 words
Chapter 19 - 5,016 words
Novel - 78,332 words

That last one does include the chapter header for Chapter 20 and the first sentence of it. Yeah, that kind of came to me as soon as I'd tweeted about the chapter being over. This time however I know I need to stop for the night. It is gone 11pm and I do have to be in the office tomorrow with at least one or two of my faculties in some semblance of working order.

Only thing I have left to do is back up my files. God to go fetch flash drives and then I'll be done.

Next comes the weekend - so hopefully more of a chance for some writing. I am getting to the crux of the novel now. Yes, it does actually have a plot - even if it is buried under all the badger farts. If all goes to schedule there will be three more chapters and then I will put it aside for a while and get on with something else.


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