Monday thoughts - a catch up following completion

Well, this is a really odd part of writing. I finished a novel yesterday and find myself in between projects trying to decide where to go next. It's odd. I may have said that already. I know one thing, or rather two.

The first is I do not want to just jump straight into revising the bawdy scifi thing that is No Man's Land. I have had one or two ideas for how to improve certain parts - things to add, things to reword a little. But I'm writing these down in my pad rather than being tempted to grab the file and start editing. That can happen later.

But equally I'm not totally sure I want to start writing another story just yet - which is a great pity as the rest of the family are busy putting up Christmas trees so I would have had chance. And before you go all bah humbag at me (however justified it might be) they tell me to stay well out of the way when they do this. The also tell my father in law to stay clear so it's not just me. It's pretty much no men folk allowed.

So here I am on the computer with no writing to do. Which meant of course just one thing - I should go submit something somewhere and fortunately I knew just the one to do. I'd been given a lead on a major publisher who is having an open door period for non agented submissions so I've spent the past half hour or so putting Against the Fall of Empire into the format they wanted and it is now in their slush pile. Fingers crossed.

I might spend a little more time this afternoon sorting out another submission or three. Kind of the done thing to do with all these novels now I've written them I guess.

Away from writing took advantage of the novel being over and caught up on a couple more TV shows that had been starting to back up. As a result we are now up to date with the Blacklist. I was a little worried with this series. Season two ended with Lizzie being set up for killing a US government type (senator?) and she went on the run. I was concerned this change of direction would be hard to maintain going forward and it would either feel really disjointed as a show with many characters doing little more than twiddling thumbs or they would wrap it up too quickly and too easily in one or two episodes.

They've done neither. It's still on going as a storyline and they are making it work well. Looking forward to the new episode already


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