What the hell's going on?

It's been an odd day. I've been watching a lot of the coverage of the flooding throughout Britain. I'm fortunate to live in an area which is mostly unaffected. We bought a house far from the coast and rivers and most of the way up a hill.

Watching it is heart breaking. So many people's lives are being turned upside down by all these storms continuing to batter Britain. And it looks like there is more and more rain forecast. Scary.

It's not just here. I've seen tales of exceptionally warm weather for the time of year, ice storms, considerable below average rainfall that seems to be threatening drought and much more weird weather from all over the globe. 2015 had been the warmest year ever.

And they say this El Nino effect could last throughout next year. Adding on the damage we've done to the planet and who knows how bad this might get.


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