Another bit of writing done

Bit of an effort and now I have two more sections of chapter 12 done. 1,234 words added. One more section and the chapter will be done and they will have completed their journey.

I feel very strongly about travel in fantasy novels. I've read more than one book where you can tell the author has done enormous amounts of research about roads in medieval times. So you can get dozens of pages talking about the manufacture and maintenance of carts, the roads themselves, what it was like to travel then, how to look after horses etc. All of which does absolutely nothing to progress the story.

After all I can imagine them getting to the denouement of the story and the big bad (demon, dragon, fantastical beast of any other description, evil god etc) will take pity on them and give them a fighting chance because they spent twenty pages of text fixing a broken cartwheel

I've cheating. I cast a magic on the cart so it wouldn't break.

 Novel is now up to 45,924 words


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