Promised(-ish) collecting update

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I had stumbled across a couple of book sales and some of what I came back with were genre books.

Here's the newly purchased selection. Most are already haves - at the prices they were asking I wasn't leaving anything. I'll find people to give the dupes to.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Incubus Dreams Trade Ppb
Robin Hobb - Royal Assassin (dupe)
Terry Pratchett - Mort (dupe)
Terry Brooks - The Druid of Shannara (dupe)
Anne rice - Interview with the Vampire (dupe)
Stephen Donaldson - The Mirror of her Dreams (dupe)
Stephen Donaldson - A Man Rides Through (dupe)
John Meaney - Dark Blood
Julian May - Intervention (dupe)
Charlaine Harris - Real Murders

Not the biggest haul - but it was still fun


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