Brutalist Architecture

I like Brutalist Architecture. There, I said it. I know a lot of people do not but I do. I quite enjoy the way at one point the human race just decided to impose itself on the world around it, throw away the aesthetic and concentrate on making something that worked.

Now I'm not saying that it always did work - many of the high rise blocks of the 60s have long since failed and been knocked down. But I still like the form.

There's a good little film on the BBC News website about the National Trust giving tours around some of the best Brutalist buildings like the South Bank Centre in London.

You can find it at

This is probably not available to anyone outside the UK so I apologise for that.

The National Trust has details on their website too at

And there's a great article on the Guardian website

I like the way it often clashes with everything around it, just check out the Torre Velasca in Milan,  but I love it.

Now I will admit I also like Romanesque Architecture, High Gothic, Palladian, Baroque, Renaissance Architecture, Byzantine - I could go on. But all these types are generally accepted. Brutalism is kind of the underdog. Maybe that's why I like it.


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